Christmas 2022

Fresh Cooked Prawns

                          Cooked Large King or Tiger Prawns (10/20)      $43.00/KG

      Cooked Medium Endeavour Prawns (20/30)    $28.00/KG     


Fresh Raw Prawns

Raw Jumbo King Prawns (U/8)                        $45.00/KG

Raw Large Banana Prawns 10/20                   $28.00/KG


Fresh Oysters

Tasmanian Oysters (Large)                              $22.50/Doz

Sydney Rock Oysters (Small)                            $14.50/Doz



Cooked Moreton Bay Bugs (Large)                $60.00/KG

Cooked Moreton Bay Bugs (Medium)            $50.00/KG

Cooked Lobsters (450gm/pc)                          $36.00/EA

Cooked Sandcrabs (Blue Swimmer)               $28.00/KG


Exclusive New Product


100% Prawn Spring Rolls


Salmon Spring Rolls


Barramundi Spring Rolls


All cook from frozen


25pcs = $25.00 per bag

Orders over 500pcs = $18.75 per bag


50pcs = $50.00 per bag

Orders over 500pcs = $37.50 per bag


All orders will require a minimum deposit of $50.00

Pick up only*


*Retail delivery requires a minimum order of $300 and required to be paid in full

Delivery times are between 2pm - 5pm, customers must be home during this time period

Orders for same day delivery must be in before 9:00am

All payments and deposits are non-refundable 


Please contact for any other seafood you require