Brisbane Fisherman's Co



Wholesalers & Suppliers of

fresh & frozen seafood


About us

Established since 1954, Brisbane Fisherman's Co. trading as Luc's Seafood, has been a part of the Australian fishing industry for over 65 years.


For over three generations, our family owned and operated business has been committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers.


Our decades of knowledge and experience in the seafood industry means that we can tailor seafood solutions no matter what your business model is - Restaurants, Takeaways, Bait Shops and more.


Our business specializes in the following:


Fresh Daily


With direct access to Moreton Bay,

our products include live crabs, prawns and varieties of fish that are caught fresh and local every day.


We specialize in handling our seafood, ensuring its quality and freshness are maintained. We prepare fresh seafood as requested and conveniently deliver direct to your business.


* Fresh products seasonal and           subject to availability




Frozen seafood is no longer considered a second choice, especially with our snap freeze technology that locks in taste, nutrition and preserves freshness. 


Our state of the art processing facility is located at Morningside. Here, we process, distribute and stock over 3,500 products.


That means we are able to provide you with seafood all year round. Our snap frozen options provides convenience, and means reduction in waste and costs. 

Tailored Solution


We don't just process, pack and deliver. We offer convenient, end-to-end seafood solutions.


These include direct delivery and seafood preparation tailored for your business.


Enquire today to see how we help you.