Whole Green King Prawns

 Sizes include:


10/20 F/M R/Weight

10/15  5kg

15/25 5kg

 21/30 R/Weight

30/40 5kg

 U/10 5kg

6/8 R/Weight




Whole Green Endeavour Prawns

Sizes include:


10/20 10x1kg

10/20 F/Man R/Weight

15/25 R/Weight

21/30 5kg

20/40 5kg

(Mixed) 30/40 F/M R/Weight

SOFT & BKN R/Weight

SMALL R/Weight

U/15 R/Weight

U/20 R/Weight



Whole Green Banana PraWns

 Sizes include:


10/20 RWeight/5KG

15/25, 21/25  5kg

20/30 10x1kg and 5kg

20/40  5kg

LARGE 10x1kg

BC 25pktx400gm

(M) 20pktx500pkt

MEDIUM 10x1kg

SMALL 10x1kg

SMALL 20pktx500gm


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