Thick, vertical cut of fish


Cutlet - bones & skin still attached


Steak - bones & skin removed





Packaged in


 Salmon Cutlet 5kg
Broadbill Steak 10kg
Basa Cutlet & Steak 10kg
Bonito Cutlet 10kg
Mackerel Steak 10kg
Grey Mackerel Cutlet 10kg
Spanish Mackerel Cutlet 10kg
Marlin Steak 10kg
Swordfish Steak 5kg
Trevally Cutlet 10kg
Tuna Steaks 5kg
Wahoo Steaks 10kg
 Ribbon Fish Cutlet 10 x 1kg



A side of fish, cut to specific sizes

Enquire for specific sizes





Packed in


Atlantic Salmon 5kg
Salmon 5kg
Barramundi 5kg
Goldband Snapper 5kg
Spanish Mackerel 5kg & 10kg
Tuna 5kg


Trunk - Main body of fish without guts, gills, head or fins


Barrel (log) - Same as trunk but with tail removed (Shark)


Loin - A whole fillet from a large round fish (Tuna or Swordfish)


Cubes - cut pieces of fish without skin or spine






Packed in


 Broadbill loin No set weight
Cod loin 10kg
Sail Fish Cubes 10kg
Tuna Cubes 10 x 1kg
Tuna Loin 12kg
Spanish Mackerel Trunk No set weight